In 2011 my partner and I had been looking to buy a house in Bendigo. Having not found anything suitable, we decided to buy some land a build a house instead.

As a first home owner, this was quite terrifying for me, to go and build, so I wanted to make sure we chose sensibly, when picking a company to build with.

From the moment we walked into the Display home where Kellie Aveyard was working, we felt welcomed, and knew immediately that we had Kellie’s full attention.

At that stage we didn’t even have land, but had a few ideas, and Kellie was extremely helpful offering her knowledge and sound advice about the couple of options we had, and certainly made it a lot easier for us to decide on the block to buy.

Once we started with the plans of the house, Kellie’s experience and eye for detail was invaluable. She listened to us both and was able to best direct us, without compromising on our needs. One of the very first things that Kellie said, was building a home was the biggest investment we were ever likely to make, so make sure to take our time, and feel comfortable that we were getting it right. And throughout the whole process, she was extremely patient, and afforded so much valuable time. If it was the weekend and a thought popped into my mind, I could text Kellie, and know that she would reply as soon as she could, and never made me feel like I was annoying her.

I have heard so many horror stories about other people’s experience when building a home, but we were so lucky to have invested in the right people, so that the whole process was enjoyable, and we moved into our new home, feeling that the journey had been fantastic and something that we were so proud of.

Kellie Aveyard not only cares very deeply about her craft, she invests in it. It is obvious from the outset that it is a passion for her, and you can see her excitement grow as it all starts to come together, but she always reminds you that, you own the project and it is important to stay true to yourself.

She has afforded me and my partner, one of the most joyous experiences of our lives together, and we will be forever grateful.

Justin Lindner

“The task of renovating our home was overwhelming. With no prior experience and little idea with colours or design, we needed help! Kellie was amazing. She was professional, efficient and a great resource for our renovation. Her knowledge of interior design and ability to recommend colours and options that suited our style was remarkable. The decision making was so easy with Kellie’s advice, and our finished result was exactly what we wanted. I’d highly recommend Kellie to anyone.”

T. France