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Thank you for the invitation to inspect 36 Anny’s Lane, Ararat, Vic, 3377 in preparation to present the property for sale. Below is an honest review of Anny’s Lane and a detailed action list of ‘no cost’ items that I believe will assist you and give you the best possible opportunity to sell the property without renovation.

Anny’s Lane is currently listed for sale with First National Ararat at the asking price of $499,000. There are two other similar properties currently for sale in the area;

  • 13 Golflinks Road, asking price is $445,000, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, indoor swimming pool & spa, on ¾ of an acre, same era as Anny’s Lane
  • 1785 Ararat-St Arnaud Road, asking price $450,000, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms on 110 acres, same era as Anny’s Lane
  • Anny’s Lane asking price is $499,000, significantly higher.


First Things First

  • First impressions are EVERYTHING and most people do not take the time to view their home through a potential purchasers eyes, it’s quite often the small details that cost nothing but an investment of time from the vendor to conduct a general tidy up, declutter and depersonalise the home so potential purchasers can visualise themselves living there.
  • You have already made the decision to SELL and move on to the next EXCITING chapter of your lives, so START PACKING NOW!
  • Remove all personal items such as family photographs, trophies etc
  • Make the home smell enticing, moth balls really don’t cut the mustard with prospective vendors
  • When your home is ‘open for inspection’, always have the blinds open and fresh air coming in, especially if the day is a beautiful one – likewise if the day is bitterly cold, crank up the heating in EVERY room, there is nothing more uninviting than a cold house





  • Invest in a LARGE skip bin, you’re going to need it when you move, so why not make the move easier by ‘unloading’ NOW, it will make your house more saleable too
  • Tidy up the garden! Great gardens sell homes & the garden at Annys Lane has certainly been one of these in the past, so restore it to its former glory
  • Mow the lawn
  • Trim trees that are hanging on the ground, cut off all limbs/branches within 500 mm of the ground – this opens up the garden and tells people these Vendors really love their space, it has been lovingly cared for over the years, don’t let the garden go now, you need it looking it’s absolute very best now
  • ‘hedge’ straggly bushes that would benefit from a good trim but also shaping them
  • Replace the broken glass pane in the front window
  • Clear ALL rubbish, bits & pieces, ladders, stack the wood in one neat pile, remove the pumpkins, etc from between the garage rear wall & pool wall


  • Remove the second outdoor table & chairs that look like they’re about to fall apart including the green high back plastic chairs
  • Remove the bench seat up against the brick wall that impedes the path to the pool
  • Remove the myriad of pot plants scattered on the floor of the outdoor area, these impair the view & take up loads of space making the area look smaller than it is





  • Bedrooms, remove all personal photographs, the linen that was on the beds for the pics taken by First National – put it back on, the linen is fresh and vibrant

annys lane 4    annys lane 4

  • Remove any boxes, etc, just have the beds and the side tables in the bedrooms; the bedrooms aren’t overly big so any additional, unnecessary items will make the bedrooms appear smaller than they are – remember, YOU HAVE MADE THE DECISION TO MOVE – PACK, PACK, PACK !!!!
  • Remove the dressing table from bedroom 1 and move the tall boy to this position, this provides better access to the walk in robe and ensuite
  • Pack away the picture above the bed in bedroom 1
  • Wardrobes – pack away all items that aren’t required until you move into your NEW ABODE! People LOVE storage and if the robes and cupboards are overflowing with ‘stuff’ then they are unable to see the loads of storage space you have
  • The laundry needs to be crisp and uncluttered, make it neat; I would be removing the vertical blinds
  • Remove the vertical blinds from the main bathroom; the window has obscure glass, there is no practical reason to have these
  • The second living area – REMOVE THE DINING TABLE, dedicated, formal dining rooms are a thing of the past. This room needs to LOOK like a second living area, at the moment it’s just a dumping ground for ‘stuff’. Pack all of the books away into boxes, the books that are causing the shelves to sag under the weight of the books. Arrange the furniture so that it is a second living area, put another tv in there if you can and remove the trophies, etc – it’s NOT YOUR HOME ANYMORE, move on, you’re SELLING REMEMBER. The printer and the small cabinet that houses the printer, the butt ugly filing cabinet, move these into the bedroom that has the single bed – this room could be shown as a guest bedroom, come study/home office

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  • Remove all carpet pieces from hallways/doorways
  • Remove/put away items such as tissue boxes, toilet paper, personal toiletries, tooth brushes, the bin etc from bathrooms, put them in the bathroom/ensuite cupboards
  • Put simple, cost effective light fittings on the lights that only have bulbs, you can source these at any hardware store for a few bucks
  • Remove all unnecessary items sitting on the kitchen bench and put them away in the pantry and while you’re at it, CLEAN THE PANTRY OUT; remove all of your fridge magnets
  • Remove/pack away the items sitting on top of the kitchen dresser; pack the boomerang away

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  • In the meals area, centre the dining table under the pendant light
  • Pack away the items sitting on the mantle in the main living area; take away the occasional chairs from this space, it’s too cluttered

Compared to similar properties in the area, you’re asking top dollar. You need to ask yourselves ‘Why would a potential purchaser pay an additional $50,000 for this house’.

Remember, although you would like $499,000, the chances of achieving this are quite unrealistic. I’m sure I’m not telling you anything that your agent hasn’t already told you.

So, roll those sleeves up, enlist the family and get cracking, your window of opportunity is quickly diminishing so GO FOR IT NOW!

And I do wish you both the very, very best in the next phase of your journey in life and remember this, once all of your personal items have been removed from your home, it is just a house, you have your memories and they are more precious than any house.

Kellie Aveyard

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